Wedding Ideas

Weddings not only symbolize a union of two people but they bring people together for happiness. They happen in different styles and different settings. Weddings are said to speak a language of their own. The dressing, decorations, songs, and other practices will definitely speak a lot about the nature of the two being wedded.  However, there are different themes that surround a wedding. Here some of the most popular ones.

    1. Traditional or classical wedding. This form is where the wedding is in a formal setting. The bride wears a princess ball-gown style dress which is normally in white. The male wears a tuxedo. Another notable feature is that the wedding involves church and a reception. It is the most common type in every society.
    1. Contemporary elegance wedding is slightly different from a classic wedding in that it bends a little from the formality of classical weddings. The twist that is seen in this theme is in the form of dressing decorations and invitations. It, however, includes all the formalities like church, pageboys, groomsmen, bridesmaids.
    1. Another type is vintage style. This theme takes the parties involved back to the bygone era. A good example is where the bride and groom dress like in the Victorian era. The theme emphasis more on, hair, garments, the venue, and decoration choice. It differs from others in that it does not have to include the traditions of weddings. It is just a simple, 30’s and 40’ type of wedding.
    1. romantic vineyard is the simple but unique celebration of the natural and beautiful surroundings. The choice of whether to hold it indoors or outdoors is open. The styles in which the wedding is set usually reflect the landscape. It is usually a sit-down dinner in that it focuses more on food, the local produce, and wine. It incorporates formality in it in that the major players of a wedding are present.
    1. On the beach weddings is a theme that focuses more on relaxation which implies that the attendance does not have to wear that heavily. It starts with a ceremony at the beach and a subsequent reception elsewhere. The choice of formality is left to the bride and the groom.
    1. A simple and cost-effective type is the DIY wedding. The couple usually takes to do most of the work for themselves. They decorate, cook, plan on their own and only invite the others to enjoy in the form of a cocktail or a sit-down dinner. The choice of formalities is made by the couple according to their planning and costing.

A very crucial part of weddings that each one of them must have is entertainment. Entertainment comes mostly after all formalities, eating and drinking are completed. The best option takes an expert wedding singer such as the one you can get from .Other forms of entertainment can be dances, acrobats, sports and such. The choice of entertainment is basically decided on the cost it takes and the available time since most of the time is taken by formalities and the dinners.