Three Essential Travel Items

The price of travel has swooped down into the affordable range, with the convenience of moving around from place to place becoming so easy that nobody has an excuse not to go anymore.

So it’s no wonder that the travel accessories market is flooded with innovative new concepts to make those hours in the air that much more enjoyable. As travel is all about budgeting, there’s nothing like picking up a bargain and getting the most bang for you buck when it comes to choosing ideal travel accessories from the sea of availability that is out there. The trouble is, how do you find these hidden gems without wasting hours doing it? Here are three essential travel items that you shouldn’t have to think twice about investing in as they will make your time traveling a lot more pleasant and convenient.

The first essential travel item to remember, wherever it is that you are heading to is the money belt.

A staple of the travel packing list for decades, the money belt cannot be overstated in its convenience, practicality, and proficiency in being able to safely and comfortably protect those other essential items that you cannot travel without – your passport and money. A money belt is a much better option than a backpack or even a bum bag – both of these are easy to steal, and both are a lot bulkier, taking up unnecessary space. If you’re able to securely store your luggage away in your hotel or hostel room, you’re only going to need items like your passport and money when exploring a city. Thanks to the modernity of technology, your camera is also now in your very thin smartphone, which could also easily be tucked safely away in your money belt.

The second essential travel item to remember is a sturdy, trustworthy suitcase.

You may have been tripped up (literally) before by an unruly suitcase that has lost a wheel or doesn’t have wheels at all which you have ended up lugging around the city for a couple of hours because the walk from the airport shuttle to your hotel was a lot longer than you anticipated. Compacted suitcases like the Tumi Alpha 2 are the perfect solution to your big, weighty luggage problems. Suitcases like this mean that you can quickly prepare for unforeseeable situations – like the extra 2 miles you have to walk – and instead have a bag that can roll easily on the pavement behind you. Investing in a suitcase like this means that you can be ready to go with any travel – whether it’s business or pleasure.

The third and final essential travel item to remember wherever you go is a reliable folder for printed documents.

The chances are that wherever you’re going, it’s going to require at least one printed document that you can find quickly in the confusion of your luggage, and if you’re somebody who takes regular business trips, then this item is essential as printed documents might just take up the majority of your luggage. This saves a lot of time and effort when you finally get to that hotel front desk, and they ask to see your reservation. On a more leisurely note, it can also be the perfect place to store printed articles and reviews around tourist spots that you plan on visiting – instead of packing a hefty tourist guide that will only put you over the weight limit; you can refer to thin paper pieces of information.

The travel industry is a buzzing one, with more people than ever venturing out into the great unknown and filling up their bucket list with places they never dreamed of being able to visit. Don’t let these adventures of a lifetime be dampened by simple travel mistakes that are easily avoidable had you packed the right essentials – you don’t want to be calling your insurance company halfway into day one because you can’t find your passport and could’ve sworn you put it in that backpack. Travel smart with the right items, and you’ll have fewer things to worry about.