This is How I Would Start My Online Business

This is How I Would Start My Online Business

Most people think that making money online is difficult but the reality is that it isn’t all that difficult, it’s just a little bit expensive in the beginning as you need to purchase certain tools, spend money on a theme for your website, perhaps purchase a few links here and there, pay for web hosting, and before you know it you’re down about a thousand dollars with little to show for.

At that point, you simply have to be persistent as way too many people give up halfway, and that would just be a waste of time & money, we’re all short on time, no one has an unlimited budget so giving up is the silliest thing you can do. So follow my guide and stick to it to the end.

Make a business plan

Do your own research is what people often say and it’s true, you must do your own research as you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, to give you an idea what you are going to need I made a quick checklist for you with costs included.

Researching a niche

Doing niche research is not always easy, as you will never know exactly how profitable the niche is going to be or how difficult it will be to rank in this niche, that’s why it’s wise to focus on a niche that you can expand on, without going to wide.

Instead of taking health as a niche you could pick something like fitness and choose a neutral sounding domain name, your own name for example so that you can always expand on other health topics if you fail at the fitness part. It’s hard to put a price on this but you do want to spend a few good days on this and truly think it through before you get started.

Website start-up costs

  • Domain name registration $12
  • Web hosting starts at $5/month on average
  • A premium theme for a good looking site costs approx $60
  • Content, start with at least 5 articles of 3000 words each, with a little luck you can get that for $60/article, total cost $300

Total website start-up costs: $432, assuming you pay the hosting a year in advance.

Tools start-up costs

  • SEO Tools – SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Majestic can be bought in a group package for $12/month and you are going to need those tools if you want to rank your website.
  • Outreach – The above SEO tools are extremely useful for outreach but you also need a mailing program, perhaps Mailshake for $20/month or GetResponse for $39/month, or Ninja Outreach for approx $60/month, price n/a right now.
  • Social Tools – Social Steeze starts at $15/week to automate Instagram, similar tools are available for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, reviews a lot of these (Instagram) tools so check them out.

Total cost for tools: $1000/year, this is a guestimate based on what tools you decide to use.

Quick Evaluation

I spoke about easily spending a thousand dollar without having much, and now when we add up the prices we are already at $1432 in your first year and don’t expect much income in that first year as you haven’t even used these tools yet.

These are just the costs you need to make in the beginning so that you can get started to build a real presence and do outreach. Additional costs will be made because a website with five articles isn’t much of course, and you will use those tools to reach out to webmasters for backlinks, often in return for a guest post.

Now if you are a writer like myself you don’t have to spend much or anything at all on content, but if you’re not the costs will add up quickly, some webmasters even charge money to get your guest post published in the first place.

In Conclusion

No matter how you think of it, it takes money to make money so if you’re not prepared to spend enough money on it then it might be better to stick to your day job, if you are prepared to spend a few thousand dollars in the first year, and a few thousand in the year there after you might end up with results that will amaze you and that allows you to give up your day job. Nothing is too wild, as long as you believe in yourself.