Why You Should Take Up Musical Lessons After 50

As many people age, they find that they have to drop more and more of the hobbies they picked along the way. However, one of the practices that you can pick up and enjoy is playing a stringed instrument.

When you think of a typical music student, you always picture an 8-year old girl sitting in front of a piano, her fingers gently caressing the keys with a musical instructor by her side. Well, if you always thought that musical instruments were always for children, then think again, because there are a few you could try out. There are so many reasons why people over 50 years old can consider adding some music to their lives.

Music Is the Perfect Exercise for Your Brain

As you move from one exercise to another trying to keep fit at this age, you always tend to forget about your brain, which is a muscle in itself. One of the best ways to keep the brain sharp and give it the exercise it needs is to try something new. Music is the best exercise at this age.

Researchers point out those activities that you do only use a few areas of your brain at a single time, leaving the rest idle. On the other hand, playing a musical instrument uses nearly all the areas of the brain.

Therefore, if you need to keep your mind sharp as age catches on, you need to try and avoid the remote and instead pick up a stringed instrument.

You might be wondering what kind of musical instrument is ideal for this age; go for the Ukulele. It is easy to learn and does not require a lot of physical effort to handle it at all.

Build Social Skills

The benefits of playing a stringed instrument is also social. Not only does it provide you with a conversational point, but it also helps you make new friends at this age. Maybe over the years you have slowly seen your self- esteem fade; well this is the perfect time to build it. This makes you liked among your peers.

You can even come up with your own orchestra to just have fun and make some money on the sides.

Reduced Stress

Playing the stringed instrument helps you avoid stress that has built up over time. It helps you eliminate the issues that come with depression such as anxiety and others.

Improves Your Posture

The sedentary lifestyle that is a part of life today leaves many adults with back pain and unhealthy spines. When playing the Ukulele, you get to maintain an exemplary posture. You have to stand properly in order to enjoy the instrument, and to play longer as well.

An Exciting Hobby

Many elderly people are looking for something that will not take out their breath while they play. One such activity is playing a musical instrument. A stringed musical instrument opens up the world of fun and enjoyment so that you get something to do in your free time. It is also safe to play as it doesn’t involve a lot of moving parts.

However, you have to get the right kind of musical instrument in order to enjoy the hobby. Take time to determine your budget, personal preferences and other aspects before you go ahead and order the instrument.

Talk to your colleagues or a musical instructor to help you decide what kind of instrument is ideal for your needs.

Easy to Learn

With the Ukulele, you do not need to go through complicated lessons in order to play it like a pro. All you need is to work with the right musical tutor or follow online lessons to enjoy the instrument. Take time to understand ways to tune it properly, and make sure you have what it takes to make the instrument the best hobby you can have. If you are in a group with other people, you can encourage them to buy the instrument as well so that you attend training sessions together.

Final words

You need to take time and find a new hobby as the years go by. Long gone are the times when you could get up and go bowling or playing soccer because age comes with fewer hobbies to take up.