Riding in Traffic Safely

We have all seen them – small-wheeled bicycles whizzing around congested routes. Have you ever wished you were one of them? Well, you could, but you need to know that riding safely in traffic the way these cyclists do isn’t as easy as you think. Many people haven’t embraced the idea of commuting to work because they cite safety as the primary reason they can’t commute by bike. However, as long as you follow some simple guidelines while on the road, you ought to arrive at work safely.

Know That Problems Can Arise Anytime

The same way you always need to anticipate problems while driving, you need to watch out for anything while you are cycling away. The reaction time depends on the speed you are cycling at. You need to keep a safe distance between you and the cyclist in front of you so that you have enough distance to stop.

To make sure you react as expected, make sure you always have one or two fingers on the brakes especially in towns, descents and along busy roads.

Always Have Your Eye and Ear Open

Most accidents happen because you just look ahead and concentrate on the road. Well, you need to do more – the area around you is also as important as the road ahead of you. Why should you do this? Being a two-wheeled mode of transport, the bicycle is more unstable as compared to its three and four-wheeled counterparts. With potholes, glass fragments, slippery surfaces and parked cars, your eyes need to take in a wider area.

You also need to know what is behind you before making any turn. Don’t depend fully on your ears before you make the ultimate decision because the latest vehicles hardly produce any sound.

Have the Right Kit

The right bike and safety kit make you a better rider. Make sure the kit allows you to be seen especially in poor visibility. Additionally, the bike should be in tip-top condition.

One of the most common bikes for beating the traffic is the folding bike. These bikes come in exceptional designs, allowing you to get a bike with the features you need. However, safety should be your primary concern. Make sure the latches that make up the folding mechanism are designed in such a way that you can lock them in place.

Always Stay in the Best Position

The best position doesn’t mean you have to stay in the lane all alone, it’s all about being in the position where you can see the road ahead clearly and you can be seen by other road users. Don’t ride close to parked vehicles or pedestrians, in the gutter or other areas that are closed in.

Bonus Tip: Up Your Riding Skills

It goes without saying that you don’t need to concentrate on riding the bicycle while on the street. Instead, you need to focus on the road and other traffic. Know how to ride confidently, signal, indicate and vary speeds without having to lose control of the bike. Riding the bike ought to be second nature to you.