Reasons You Need More Twitter Followers NOW

Many brands are wondering why they need more followers than they already have. With time, the number of followers you have won’t give you the results you need to stay relevant in a volatile niche, which is why you need to make sure you build your following.

Today we look at the need for more followers, and why it is imperative that you put the right strategy in place to get these followers as fast as you can.

Sharing Ideas

With more people following you, the ideas that you can generate are many. A simple question can lead to thousands of replies, and you can choose the best replies that can give you what you are looking for.

Everyone in your audience has their own opinion, and many will justify their opinions and why they think it is the best. It is vital that you at least see these opinions and ask why they are the best. You never know when one of the ideas can lead to more income.

If you have all the followers you need, a certain idea can pop up, and it might be the specific answer that you have been looking for all these years.

Attract More Followers

Do you know that if you have more Twitter followers, other users assume that you offer value and that you know exactly what you are talking about? This makes them want to follow you and have a piece of whatever you are offering the existing users. Here is the catch, when these followers follow you, they retweet your content, and their followers end up following you.

More Sales, More Revenue

For many businesses, big or small, using Twitter is one of the ways to market their products and services. This translates into more sales. The truth is that when you are followed by many people, you have a wide customer base that you can sell to.

This concept relates to a brick and mortar business, the more people that visit your store, the more opportunities you have for sales.

Stay On Top of Search Rankings

If you have the right kind of followers, then Twitter looks at you as an authority in your niche, and the algorithm will want more people to see your content. This means that your content will rank highly compared to that of a competitor with fewer followers.  While the benefit of followers on search rankings might be lower than that of Facebook or Google, it still adds some power to your rankings.

You Become Famous

This comes as a benefit when you have thousands of targeted followers. Targeted followers are all about making sure you have followers in a specific niche or that have specific criteria. Let us say that you have 5,000 followers, here is a typical scenario that you can end up with:


    • You end up with more than 50 mentions each day from different followers.


    • You achieve hundreds or retweets and favourites each day.


    • You get more than 50 clicks on a well-written tweet each day.


    • You end up on over 500 Twitter lists of the followers


This means you trend all over Twitter, especially in that niche. When this happens, your profile comes up more often when someone searches for something that they need. This is when you become famous. Fame on Twitter comes with so many benefits such as increased sales.

How Can You Get These Followers

So, how can you get followers to give you these benefits? The answer is to automate your tasks on Twitter using a bot recommended by Income Artist.

However, you need to match the bot to your needs so that you are always on the good side of the Twitter algorithm.