How To Make Kids Stick With Learning The Drums

How To Make Kids Stick With Learning The Drums

Kids are fickle beings who get bored at the drop of a hat. What they love today, they may hate tomorrow, leaving you feeling always one step behind. The story of my son and his drum set goes like this: I searched around for the proper junior drum kit for ages, until I gave this one here a go – only to find him stop playing the shiny kit after 3 weeks. Typical! But, I didn’t accept defeat yet and managed to get him to keep playing and quite happily so. My experience with my son’s drumming taught me several helpful tips that you can use to encourage your own children to not only learn the drums but to stick with them.

Hire a professional teacher

Your child’s enthusiasm for the drums very much depends on the teacher. An excellent teacher will help cultivate your child’s love of and appreciation for the instrument. They should teach correct technique and at the same time be inspirational and supportive to keep your child’s attention. Ultimately, your child should actually like their teacher; that in itself will help them look forward to their lessons.

Furthermore, be sure to keep lines of communication open between you and your child’s teacher. Together you can discuss your child’s progress as well as anything they may be particularly struggling with. This will help the teacher tailor the lessons to your child and keep you in the loop,  allowing you both give your child the best support possible.

Encourage them to practice at home

If you want your child to stick with learning the drums, you must create a positive home environment that encourages them to play often. Like any instrument, mastering the drums takes time, dedication, and fine motor skills. You must, therefore, prioritize drum practice just as you would other important tasks such as homework or household chores (but of course drumming is much more fun).

Let them play music they like

Another tip: make sure your child is enjoying the music they’re playing! Forcing your child to play songs they don’t like won’t help them in the long run. It’ll probably have them ready to quit. While learning the classics is certainly worthwhile, your child won’t have heard most of them or be interested in doing so. Rather than having to learn “old” and “boring” songs, you want your child to get excited over the music. They’ll be much more motivated to practice and perfect a song simply because they love it.

Show them support

Take an active interest in your child’s drum lessons. Help them during their home practice, ask them questions about the music they’re playing, and what they enjoy most about it. It’s a given, but you need to also attend and cheerlead them at any recitals or performances they give — even if it’s just a private concert at home. Having this support will boost their confidence and keep them eager to keep making progress.

There you have it:

Tried and tested tips that will help make your kids stick with learning the drums. If your child seems to be struggling or losing interest, stay positive and be patient. You’re not alone in your plight — the parents of many musicians have gone through the same thing. No matter how frustrated your child gets with a certain song or technique, keep encouraging and motivating them; don’t let them give up only to regret it later in life. Once they’re older, they’ll appreciate their music lessons and the support you provided them. You can be sure all their hard work and effort will pay off greatly.