Laser Engraving on Glass Tips for Success

Laser Engraving on Glass: Tips for Success

During the life of your engraving business, you will find many customers that will want you to engrave designs on glass or crystal. Laser engraving on these materials produces awesome results. One of the best examples of an application that uses laser on glass is during wedding ceremonies, where you engrave the names of the bride and groom on the glasses. Engraving designs, text, and logos on glass add a sense of sophistication and makes the item attractive for customers.

Laser Makes it Quick and Easy

Using the perfect laser engraving equipment from Needham Coding offers you a quick and faster alternative to the use of traditional engraving techniques. Traditional engraving techniques need you to use a pre-defined template that you use to create the design. On the other hand, for laser engraving, you use computer software to control the movement of the laser on the surface.

Being a delicate material that you work with, glass needs utmost care when handling it. Using the right equipment and software assures you that everything will go perfectly because the whole process is handled by an automated machine.

The delicate and fragility of this material shouldn’t make you hesitate when it comes to creating designs in a piece of glass. Follow the few tips below to produce the results that will make sure customers come back for more.

What Options Do You Have?

The options for working with glass are endless. You will find it easy to work with normal glass as compared to crystal and other special kinds of glass. Crystal and heavier glass have more lead, which makes them absorb a lot of heat that isn’t good for using laser.

Thick or heavy glass won’t be able to cool down adequately, which is also the case when you use crystal. When this is the situation, the markings will expand faster than necessary, which leads to a distorted design.

Have the Right Settings

Before you can start any glass engraving task, you need to test the power and speed settings on a sample piece of glass before you start the job. Coming up with the perfect settings will make sure you don’t have to repeat the job. It also saves you time and money. Remember, your customer won’t take anything less than what they asked for.

You might say that you will redo the design on the glass so that you make it perfect, but you need to remember that the more times you run the laser over the glass, the lines become blurry. It is therefore essential that you come up with the right features before you start the task.

Maintain the Perfect Temperatures

Using extreme heat is one of the reasons that your glasses break and fracture. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you understand what temperatures you need for the task and use it in the design.

Additionally, you need to place a layer of protection on the top of the glass surface to reduce the occurrence of cracks in the glass. It also minimizes the incidence of frosting on the glass. It is recommended that you use a newspaper or paper towels dipped in water for this task. You can also apply a thin layer of dishwashing detergent for the same task. Remember to apply the liquid regularly because liquids dry up quickly.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure you have the right laser engraving equipment any task. One of the most popular materials that you will get to engrave design on is glass. Without the right equipment and failure to use the recommended settings will give you distorted results that won’t make your customer happy.