How To Choose Your First Drone

How To Choose Your First Drone

The technological space is an interesting world that has seen a massive transformation over the years. We no longer have analog cameras that used tapes, but now we have digital cameras that are also on mobile devices. Drones are also taking the world by storm as many people continue to explore their possibilities. One of the first applications of drones was in surveillance, but this has now changed. Videography and photography are no longer the same after the introduction of drone technology. If you are new in this space, the article will guide you on how to choose the best drone for your purpose


A good drone should serve for long, and the material used in its construction is a big determinant. Most of the cheap ones that you see on the market today are either made of ABS plastic or ordinary plastic. If you are operating on a budget, then you should opt for the ABS plastic drones because they are more durable than ordinary plastic variations. Carbon and fiberglass options are more durable than those from plastic derivatives. However, they are a bit expensive but worth the price. If you want high-end drones, then metallic ones are a good option as long as you check on the resistance of the metal towards rusting.


Do you want to fly your drone indoors or outdoors? This question should always guide you when you want to make your purchase. Outdoor models are somehow larger than their indoor counterparts and are also more stable. You also have to consider some things like humidity and wind speed in the area that you want to fly your drone. Some manufacturers will indicate the ideal wind speed that their drones can tolerate. However, you can go for a drone that works both indoors and outdoors if you want to use it in various locations.

Your level of experience

Have you ever flown a drone and if yes, for how long? If you are just a beginner, then you should opt for one with automatic features. Some will have automatic takeoff buttons and also allow for an emergency landing. It thus means that you get a Ready-To-Fly, abbreviated as RTF model and you are ready to hit the skies. If you are interested in learning how the drone works, then a DIY drone is the best option for you. It comes in parts that you assemble, and you learn to diagnose problems all on your own.

Flying time

The battery durability will have a direct impact on how long you will fly your drone. Simple drones can fly for a maximum of five minutes whereby you will have to recharge the batteries and continue with your work. There are some that can fly between 15-20 minutes, but they are somehow expensive. To maximize on the flying time, some manufacturers include extra batteries, and you can thus change them and continue with the coverage. The length of time that the drone takes to charge fully is also a serious consideration that you should take.

Features of the drone

As you get to understand drones better, you will note that their features get better with an increase in price. How you intend to use the drone will determine the choice that you make. For instance, there are some that can transmit a live feed to your smartphone or tablet. You will need to install an app on your phone and then connect it to your drone. You will get coverage in real-time which is essential for decision making. Others can detect obstacles and avoid them without you controlling them. Rotorcopters reviews some of the best drones that suit different purposes and prices.


What do other people have to say about the drone that you are just about to buy? Some of the things you see the manufacturers claim to be in their products are different from what you get. The only way to get some assurance is when you get reviews from previous customers as they have first-hand information on the same. Visit the site of the vendors and even their social media pages and get some insights on the same. Expert reviews are also very essential as they are not based on emotions but facts.

Replacement options

Just like any other electrical device, a drone is prone to wear and tear as you use it daily. You thus need to repair or even replace some parts depending on their availability in the market. Some models will come with a warranty of some kind which you should consider before you make your purchase. Some of the important areas to check to include the batteries, propellers, and gears. Your drone might become useless if any of these parts breaks and you find it hard to replace the parts or even get spares in the market.