Everything you Need to Know on How to Rewrite your Paper

Everything you Need to Know on How to Rewrite your Paper

Writing academic papers is very common in colleges. Writing an essay shows what you have learned and helps you grow your research skills and critical thinking ability. Bearing in mind the fact that you have spent a lot of time and effort to write your paper, rewriting it becomes very mind-numbing and frustrating. Rewriting is very important as you get the chance to clarify your writing to the reader.

Importance of rewriting a paper

  • Effective presentation
  • Rewriting a paper makes it easier to understand and gives an entirely distinct look while refurbishing its appeal.
  • Added knowledge
  • Produce and add new meaning
  • Learn how to write
  • Learn a subject and preserve information
  • Show understanding of material
  • Show honesty
  • Evade plagiarism

A well-rewritten paper comes from a great deal of effort and planning which includes, researching, writing drafts, revising and editing. Even if the process is tedious, it is worth it as you will reap good scores.

The process of rewriting

Rewriting can sometimes prove difficult than writing from scratch. Sometimes, you might have to take out half of the words from your paper. Screenwriters, scientists, historians, and novelists also go through the same. However, by organizing your thoughts and time, you can go through the process successfully.

There are two types of rewriting

Paragraph level: Here you look at the lists of paragraph reviews and reorder them to make better sense of the emerging idea in the paper.

Sentence level: This is where you scrutinize every sentence at a time. Begin by first asking yourself whether each sentence is distinct and clear. Are your sentences too simple? You can check for puzzling pronouns references and look for every redundant element and points that are unexplained. You also need to make sure that proper names are constantly used.

Tips on How to Re-write your Paper

Wait for some time before you begin the rewriting process

This will allow you to look at your work with a renewed perception, and take a good look at the powerful concepts in the paper before digging into the grammatical details.



Read the paper aloud to yourself

Every sentence can be stiffened up by trimming the use of redundant words hence significantly improving your writing. Be honest with yourself.


Make use of some reliable online Apps

The current technology has made it possible for you to use tools and Apps to edit your work. There are different types of apps; some are free while others have different prices. Most of the editing tools offer ideas on how to improving your writing skill. You just need to paste your work into the tool and then review the suggested corrections.


Select citation software that is right for you

The software will help you create or check the citations that are best for your paper. Remember to use the latest software that is updated with the new requirements because newer versions are released every time.


You can use a reliable source as your outside review

You might have a friend who has had his paper approved. Ask him or her if they are willing to help you in editing your paper. They should have flawless English to be able to pinpoint grammatical errors in your paper.


Final Thoughts

If you use quotations, make sure to scrutinize each one critically. Make sure it supports your point and if some words aren’t needed, rewrite them. Check if you are still on track and make sure to address all the crucial questions and points outlined by your tutor. Can I have someone rewrite my paper? Sometimes it is wise to engage a professional who can assist you in rewriting your paper before submitting it.