Different Application of 3D Printing

The year has seen 3D printing continue its unabated match into all dimensions of our lives. New methods, limitless materials and new applications make 3D printing a necessity for major manufacturing applications. The good news is that you can even use a 3D printer from the comfort of your home. Hobbyists have taken to creating so many products that they could just see in large industrial processing plants.

As the 3D printing utopia nears and everyone tries to be a part of this marvel, there are a few industries that the printer has changed. Let us look at how people are using this printer.


Car manufacturing companies, repairers and restorers have been using 3D modelling for a very long time. Many companies are using the process to produce not only parts but tools as well as interior components. The use of this technology has also enabled on-site development of parts, which has, in turn, reduced the dependence on foreign technology.

Many companies are finding this process more convenient because they don’t have to depend on the manufacturer for items; instead, they create the items on demand.


One of the fields that require 3D modelling is architecture. Architects have to present models of the structures they want to build to their clients. One of the ways to do this is to present the task as a 3D model. This reduces the manpower and the need for complicated designs as well as long hours to come up with a visual representation of the structure.


You will come across a number of fixtures and lamp accessories that use 3D printing. The process comes up with unique designs that can take any shape you can think of. If done by hand, such accessories might take forever. 3D printing makes the process shorter and more effective, reducing and the time of manufacture.


The medical field has seen a rapid improvement since the use of 3D technology came to fore. The printer is finding more and more uses in this filed. Patients are now assured of better care through the use of prosthetics and printed implants. Orthopedic surgeons can now use 3D printing pens for marking on the bone surface.

Dentists are not being left behind either. They are taking up 3D printing at a fast pace. Using 3D printing, the printer allows dental experts to make night guards, crowns, dentures, retainers and bite splints. The printer allows the dentist to design and create an appliance in the same shape that the client needs at a lower cost than before.

Daily Accessories

You can start a home business to manufacture jewellery such as trinkets and add-ons for daily living. The best example is the design of jewellery. You can use the printer from SelectedBest to come up with moulds for making a wide variety of jewellery.


3D printing has come a long way. As we speak, you can get any object from a 3D printer. The printer is in use in so many industries, which goes on to emphasize its versatility.