Best Laser Engraving Machines Money can Buy

If you thought laser engraving machines are expensive think again. I was just browsing at and was stunned by the low prices as most of these machines are priced under 200 dollars, allowing almost everyone to purchase one and you never know how handy this thing can be.

You could even turn this into a small home-based business and help your neighbors and who not that want something to be engraved, for example, a nice metal sign next to your doorbell with your names on it. It wouldn’t be hard to let people know that you do this either as you could place a small advertisement at your local supermarket.

Let’s take a look at the different models and what they are capable of to make sure your money is well spent on the best laser engraving machine that’s available at Amazon.

1: Sunwin Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

This one is a little more expensive than the others and as such not under two hundred dollars but it is reviewed fairly well compared to the others. Keep in mind we are talking about amateur engraving machines so you can’t compare that to commercial machines of course.

The Sunwin allows you to engrave objects that are 40x50cm large which is quite something on its own. There is no software included but you can download it over here:, unfortunately, they don’t have a version for the Mac so you must use a PC or laptop to make this work.

The materials that you can engrave can be carved and include but are not limited to wood, plastic, and leather. The machine itself is made from aluminum and 8mm acrylic with everything tightened with stainless steel screws.

2: Suncoo 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

I have to disappoint you here as well when it comes to price, I guess I overlooked it too quickly and it turns out this machine is over 300 dollars. Six customers have reviewed it for you with an average rating of  4 stars, which is an excellent rating for a DIY machine.

Once again it’s only suitable for Windows, sorry Mac users. The body of the machine is reinforced which allows for better transport in case you decide to take it with you. A cd with Coreldraw software is already included so you don’t have to scourge the web to get started, just plug it in & play.

The machine also comes with a fan as things can definitely get hot inside there, so this increases the longevity of the apparatus. There is one extra benefit and that is that it can cut glass as well. most of the cheaper models don’t allow for that.

 3: DIY CNC Laser Engraving Kit

We finally found one that matches our price at just a little bit above $200. However, when you look at the picture you can see it doesn’t look all that professional or sturdy so perhaps you might want to spend a little more as this post is after all about the best laser engraving machine for home use, and not the worst.

It can cut through a whole range of material but glass is once again excluded from the list, unlike the Suncoo that we reviewed above. The size of the methods it can engrave is same as the first one though, 40x50cm which gives you plenty of room to experiment.