Benefits of CBD Oil – Number 5 Will Shock You!

Benefits of CBD Oil – Number 5 Will Shock You!

CBD oil is the latest craze with healthy living enthusiasts. But, is the oil worth it? Is it all hype and no substance? Well, there’s mounting evidence that CBD can improve your overall wellbeing in more than one way. What follows is a rundown of potential medical uses of CBD.

1. Managing Anxiety

Yes. CBD oil can help keep anxiety in check. Repeated research shows that it contains potent compounds that may change how receptors in your brain react to serotonin. For starters, serotonin is a chemical associated with mental health. Receptors, one the other hand, are microscopic proteins connected your cells. They work by receiving chemical messages, a process that allows your body to respond to stimuli.

Scientists found that 600mg of CBD can help people with social anxiety deliver a speech. Plus, studies carried out on animals over time suggest that CBD may help ease the intensity of anxiety by;

  • Decreasing stress
  • Reducing the physiological effect caused by anxiety
  • Inducing sleep for insomniacs
  • Improving symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder

2. Controlling Seizure

There’s every indication that CBD can help reduce the frequency of seizure in people with epilepsy even though research is at its early stages. The American Epilepsy Society says that cannabidiol may hold the secret to treating seizure disorders. A 2014 study involving 214 participants with epilepsy found out that taking 2 to 5mg of CBD every day reduces seizures by up to 25%.

3. Neuroprotective

Scientists are studying a receptor in the brain (known as CB1) to see if CBD can help patients diagnosed with neurodegenerative disorders. These conditions cause deterioration of nerves and brain over time. Researchers want to find out if CBD oil can treat;

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s diseases
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Stroke

Note – There’s proof that CBD can reduce inflammation that aggravates neurodegenerative disorders already.

4. Fighting Acne

Statistics show that an estimated 60 million people in the United States have acne. A human study appearing in the Journal of Clinical Investigation says that CBD can help control the production of skin oil sebaceous glands. Remember, these glands generate sebum to keep your skin hydrated. Too much sebum, however, can cause acne.

Researchers believe CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation is the primary reason it can control acne. Be sure to get in touch with your dermatologist before using CBD oil for acne management. He or she will help evaluate if this is the best treatment option for you.

5. Pain Relief

Indeed, you can use CBD for pain . Scientists say CBD’s effects on your brain can help control pain-related suffering. Besides, many studies suggest that cannabis is a potent pain reliever, especially when taken after chemotherapy treatment. The National Institutes of Health, through a team of researchers, is looking at the role of CBD in improving symptoms associated with;

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • MS pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Spinal cord injuries

On top of that, Nabiximols, a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis contains a combination of CBD and TCH.  Medical authorities in Canada and the United Kingdom approve the use of this drug to treat MS pain.

6. Cancer Treatment

Some studies are investigating if CBD can stop growth and spread of cancer-causing cells. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) notes that CBD can help improve cancer-related symptoms and side effects caused by cancer treatment. More than that, CBD can reduce the reproduction of some types of tumor cells. Still, NCI doesn’t entirely approve the use of CBD for cancer.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil is a brilliant choice to treat the conditions highlighted above especially if you don’t want to use over-the-counter or prescription drugs.  Consult your doctor before using CBD and related products to treat your disorder.